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Planning Your Trip Abroad

Planning a trip abroad is a difficult task. You have many things to consider, for example, where to go and what to pack with you. The following information will help you plan a safe and rewarding overseas trip.

General information about your destination


This will help you decide what to pack for your trip and your stay.


No trip is complete without shopping and souvenirs. Therefore, it is important to become familiar with currency, banknotes, coins and their denominations.

Cost of local items:

This will help you plan your budget and give you a rough idea of the cost. Thus, you will not be accompanied during your shopping expedition.

Reservation of accommodation:

Book your accommodation early. This is especially important if you are traveling in high season and it may be difficult to find a hotel or board within your budget.

Deal with language problems:

Familiarize yourself with common words and phrases for easy navigation. If you move from one place to another, note the destination and address of your hotel in the language of the country. Otherwise, the taxi driver may not understand where you want to go. It is best to become familiar with the culture and traditions of the country you are visiting.

Paperwork and documents:

Ask about all the documents you need to travel to a particular country and make sure all your records are complete so you do not have to worry as soon as you get to the location.

Practical needs:

Make two copies of your passport. Store it somewhere else. For example, you can leave a copy in your room and save another copy with your friend. If your passport is lost or stolen, you can use the copy to leave the country or use it to facilitate the exchange process.

Email all important information such as credit card numbers, passport number, driver’s license details, etc., as well as anything that may be relevant in an emergency.

Tell your bank where you are going.

Even if you take traveler’s checks or money, you should have a reserve. The bank needs to know where to use your ATM or credit card. Due to computer fraud, many banks are not allowed to use your cards abroad unless you inform them in advance. It is very easy for most banks via their website. If you do not tell them, it is possible that your ATM card is swallowed by a foreign ATM!

Finally, run a final checklist before starting your trip. You must have: a passport, tickets, confirmations/arrangements to hire a car and hotel reservations, credit cards, medicines or medicines, if any addresses, a password, and other important information. If all goes well, you are ready for a smooth trip abroad.

Best Holiday Activities to Try in USA

Christmas is almost here, so, hopefully, you’re all packed and ready for holiday adventures. No need to worry if you haven’t decided where to go yet. Look at our overview of exciting locations below and choose the one to your liking. Even if your car has let you down, it can be helped with rental24h.com or similar services – don’t let minor misfortunes to gnaw at your holiday mood this year!

Winter and Christmas activities

Durango, Colorado

The Polar Express is your never-to-be-forgotten Christmas classic and an absolute must-go for your whole family. This annual train ride arranged by the Durango & Silverton Railroad begins with a cup of hot chocolate straight from Polar Express chefs. During the ride, your children and you will be listening to a Christmas story over the speakers and watching pictures shown by Santa’s helpers – and you’ll get to see the Father Christmas himself at the final train station!

Detroit, Michigan

Visit the famous Metro area in Detroit for its numerous ice skating rinks and icy fun.

Civic Ice Arena that can be found in St. Clair Shores welcomes indoor skaters year round. You’ll need your own shovel because, as you know, prepping the rink is half the fun;
• Come to Warren for City Square Ice Arena to witness how a summertime fountain becomes a glittering surface of ice for tourists and residents to enjoy;
• Macomb County famous for its Stony Creek Metropark offers ice-skates daily access from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m;
• As for Campus Martius Park, you may know it for the tree lighting tradition, every year in November. Gather some friends for a cup of steaming hot cocoa in a heated area around the rink;
• In downtown Farmington, don’t miss another outdoor skating arena called Riley Park Ice Skating Rink.

Warm-weather activities in the US

Key West, Florida

December is just the month to pay a visit to the Florida Keys archipelago. Key West is one among 1,700 islands there, adored for its relaxing tropical vibes, exciting water activities, and amazing key lime pie. The 70-degree soothing weather will warm you and calm you, while jet-skiing, sailing, diving, and snorkelling in the pleasantly cool ocean will refresh your memories of summer.

Lihue & Kauai, Hawaii

A sunny holiday in paradise should take place nowhere else but in Hawaii. Its winter (hooilo) lasts from November to April with the average temperature of 78 F. You can enjoy the unique Hawaiian weather, moving through the diversity of its islands, each colourful with peculiar flora and fauna. In a span of just a couple of miles, you will meet a striped variety of arid regions, chilly alpine areas, tropical forests, and sunlit beaches.


Surely, few things can match your cosy home for the holidays, but the true magic always lies in new locations – particularly, on the special days of the year. Stay on the move with rental24h.com and plan a trip to one of the above places for an awesome time with your family and friends.